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We are always interested in African clothing, so we got an idea to import Kente and other cloths and a few things from Ghana and West Africa. We needed to import products to the United States. So, we had two options, travel to north Africa, Egypt or east Africa in Kenya.

We wanted to travel to Ghana for kente cloth, so we went there. The best thing is we found some good things in very good price. We want to make sure that we get the best price so that we can give the best price too. I took limited items and one of them was Kente cloth.

Basically, our plan is to source items from West Africa to the US via our website at competitive prices. We found ourselves to buy and offer Kente and Mud Cloth only. We will give this to designers to make raps out of it. Also, we plan to offer jewelry too.

Alongside this, we are also offering limited number of women’s and men’s clothing. First, we are just trying with limited stuff so that we don’t need to price our products too high.

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